How to Travel Safely in Samoa

Samoa is an island situated in the South Pacific Ocean. This island is a part of the region of Pacific area called as Polynesia. This is located in between Hawaii and New Zealand. This island is having rugged and coarse, also volcanic, some Rocky Mountains and cliffs also. It has not too shallow coastal plains.

The beaches have sparkling white sand and extend up to several miles. There are in total ten islands with distinctive features, but the two main islands of Samoa are Upolu and Savai’i. These islands are covered by lush green vegetation and rainforest covered mountain peaks, some also with coastline full of white sand which looks beautiful. This island is considered as the heart of Polynesia.

How to reach Samoa?

You can reach this destination by taxi that is the best way of conveyance you can bet on. These are very economic, and they are available in ample numbers, so there are no issues for waiting longer. But you should be careful while dealing with the fare, as they may charge extra for no reason sometimes. You can also hire the taxi for a whole day. Buses are also available for tourists that are quite cheap and good for families and troops. Also, you can have a tour of this place by getting cars or cycles on rent.

How to travel safely in Samoa?

Before going you must know that this place is full of mosquitoes, so you’ve to carry an excellent insect/mosquito repellent with you. Also, before drinking water you should boil it for preventive measures. Be wary of strangers who offer you to be your guide. Never leave any valuables in the car. As the majority of cases are of burglary, assaults, theft so you should avoid travelling alone instead travel in groups at night, prevent dim light areas and keep a low profile.

While choosing local transport tourists should be cautious enough about the poor road conditions, traffic and other safety measures. Many fatal accidents have occurred in islands of Samoa during swimming and other water sports activities due to some tidal changes and current in water so, consult locals and tour operators prior.

What is the ideal time for this visit?

The best time to visit Samoa is during winters as the climate here is tropical and rainy. This time is best to come with families during winter vacation or to avoid too hot climates.

What all you can do in Samoa?

As this is a gorgeous beach, one can do swimming with their families and friends along with some beach sports also. Scuba diving can also be done in Samoa as the beaches in it are full of different fish species and coral reefs with crystal clear and warm water. Beautiful lush green corals are best for fishing that is a good option for a traveller who loves it. Playing golf is also quite famous here.

Snorkelling, surfing, kayakers are also very easy things to do here. This place is hence the best for travelling with either family of friends. And we can bet, Samoa can never be boring. It will be fun to visit. One has to spend just $43 per day while visiting Samoa.