Explore the Beautiful LaloManu Beach in Samoa

Considered to be the heart of Polynesia, Samoa has more than a 3000-year-old history of a certain way of life called Fa’a Samoa, which promises every visitor a lifetime experiences. Samoa packs in several bounties of nature together and offers an atmosphere and environment to one and all visitors. Stunning landscapes accompanied with seascapes, plenty of room for a drive around, Samoa is one perfect destination for nature lovers of all ages.

Deemed as one of the most fascinating and pristine beaches of Samoa, the Lalomano beach unwinds an unknown paradise in front of each and every traveller who visiting the island nation for the very first time. Located on the southeastern part of Upolu which marks the gateway to Samoa, the Lalomano beach promises fun and frolic in equal measures for people of all ages.

Taking a drift from other beach visits, you can enjoy bathing in the sun as you lay on the white sandy terrain and might take some time off in the blue lagoon where you might fall asleep as the gentle breeze whispers deep slumber in your ears and relaxes your skin with its velvet touch.  The Lalomano Beach is a perfect destination for people who love the waters and the animals that stay in it. The lagoons, the protected marine reserve offers a never-ending panorama of tropical fishes. If you feel the rhythm, you might as well jump in the water with a snorkel and flippers.

If you get bored at Lalomano which is quite unlikely, you might want to head off towards the Namua Island that is located at close proximity towards north and blissfully swim past a bevy of green turtles at the backdrop of a mighty ocean. As you shift a little bit more towards the southern part of the Lalomano islands, you can experience a wide balance of flora and fauna that includes some rare species of seabirds who hit the ground during the evening time on the islands of Nu’utele.

The beach of Lalomano also offers a panoramic view of some extinct volcanic craters that now serves as a home and breeding ground of flying foxes. If you feel tired from all this, you can very well grab a Vailima (named after the home and burial ground of the poet Robert Louis Stevenson) which is the Samoan local beer. Lalomano as a beach is the most attractive and addictive destinations of Samoa. Spending a whole night in open aired fales is an experience of a lifetime that you are going to cherish in your heart forever.

The unending beauty of the beauty would come out as an addiction for you and you would not leave the place until a one-night stay here catching the entire beauty and the innocence of the beach. Also, you can enjoy some great moments playing with the deep blue waters of the ocean touching the core of your heart.