8 Reasons to visit Samoa

I still wonder if you need any reasons to visit Samoa as it is one of the most beautiful nature centric places that can mesmerize anyone. Here are the 8 best reasons to visit Samoa:


Yes, some of the popular dance forms have been originated at Samoa. Heard of Slap dance? The male slaps their bodies which are taken from the act of killing mosquitoes. Taualuga is another dance form wherein a group of men dances around a woman, wooing her and admiring her beauty. The most common dance performed by males at Samoa is Sasa.


A lot of beaches are found at Samoa and most of them allow surfing. Most of the professionals and surfing lovers can be seen practising in the beaches. However, the beginners can also attempt surfing. There are trainers and proper safety measures to assist the amateurs’.


If you haven’t stayed in a fale, it is high time you plan one. A fale is a kind of a hut with no walls and are supported by the thatched roofs. It is set on the beach side to give the guests an actual feel of nature.


Samoa has a hot and humid climate. The falls are the best ways to beat the heat. Do take a shower at Afu Afu falls.


The brightly colour churches are an eye grasper. The architect is well planned and constructed such that they are just not a place of religion, but also a tourist attraction. Do visit the churches in Samoa irrespective of your religion. There is a curfew set in the evening around 6.00 pm wherein visitors are prevented from driving as it is the prayer time.


If you are a shopaholic and you love antiques, you cannot miss out street shopping at Samoa. The tourists can easily collect souvenirs for their loved ones. The prices are very reasonable. The shell jewellery is the favourite of Samoa women. Do get it for your lady love.


Love inking your body? Samoa has popular places where professionals carry out tattooing. You would be lucky if you can see a full body tattoo making process. Though, the needles are painful, yet it is worth an experience.


If you are a vegetarian, you might be slightly disappointed with the choices of cuisines. However, you can try out the Umu meals if you take fish at least. The non-vegetarians will have a great time while trying out the delicious and authentic seafood.


Do not forget to visit the Alofaaga Blowholes if you are crazy to see something exciting.

Still waiting for some reasons to visit Samoa? There cannot be any other reason to visit this beautiful place as it has ample things to offer to the nature lovers. Do visit this place and share your experience with us. Do not forget to carry your digital lenses to shoot some of the best locations at Samoa.