How to Travel Safely in Samoa

Samoa is an island situated in the South Pacific Ocean. This island is a part of the region of Pacific area called as Polynesia. This is located in between Hawaii and New Zealand. This island is having rugged and coarse, also volcanic, some Rocky Mountains and cliffs also. It has not too shallow coastal plains.

The beaches have sparkling white sand and extend up to several miles. There are in total ten islands with distinctive features, but the two main islands of Samoa are Upolu and Savai’i. These islands are covered by lush green vegetation and rainforest covered mountain peaks, some also with coastline full of white sand which looks beautiful. This island is considered as the heart of Polynesia.

How to reach Samoa?

You can reach this destination by taxi that is the best way of conveyance you can bet on. These are very economic, and they are available in ample numbers, so there are no issues for waiting longer. But you should be careful while dealing with the fare, as they may charge extra for no reason sometimes. You can also hire the taxi for a whole day. Buses are also available for tourists that are quite cheap and good for families and troops. Also, you can have a tour of this place by getting cars or cycles on rent.

How to travel safely in Samoa?

Before going you must know that this place is full of mosquitoes, so you’ve to carry an excellent insect/mosquito repellent with you. Also, before drinking water you should boil it for preventive measures. Be wary of strangers who offer you to be your guide. Never leave any valuables in the car. As the majority of cases are of burglary, assaults, theft so you should avoid travelling alone instead travel in groups at night, prevent dim light areas and keep a low profile.

While choosing local transport tourists should be cautious enough about the poor road conditions, traffic and other safety measures. Many fatal accidents have occurred in islands of Samoa during swimming and other water sports activities due to some tidal changes and current in water so, consult locals and tour operators prior.

What is the ideal time for this visit?

The best time to visit Samoa is during winters as the climate here is tropical and rainy. This time is best to come with families during winter vacation or to avoid too hot climates.

What all you can do in Samoa?

As this is a gorgeous beach, one can do swimming with their families and friends along with some beach sports also. Scuba diving can also be done in Samoa as the beaches in it are full of different fish species and coral reefs with crystal clear and warm water. Beautiful lush green corals are best for fishing that is a good option for a traveller who loves it. Playing golf is also quite famous here.

Snorkelling, surfing, kayakers are also very easy things to do here. This place is hence the best for travelling with either family of friends. And we can bet, Samoa can never be boring. It will be fun to visit. One has to spend just $43 per day while visiting Samoa.


Manano Island: The Exotic Place in Samoa

The third most densely populated island of Samoa country is the Manano Island that still holds the best of traditional motifs and paints a sleepy picture. Located at just 4 kilometres from the south-western coast of Upolu, one has to cross the lagoon all the way by boat travelling all the way from Manono-uta right from the mainland. The small island of Manano comprises of a total of four fishing villages namely Faleu, Lepuia’i, Apai, and Salua, where you will find the locals staying in fales built in open air.  Manano is a perfect retreat from the hustle of city life – an amazing destination where the only sound that reaches your ears is the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.  The island is really a small landmass. Speaking in true sense of the term, it takes less than two hours to circumnavigate the island and that too if one takes a light stroll. In the process, one gets to pass by the four villages in abundance and stop in between to take a dip or engage in some snorkelling amidst the lagoon. Just close to the landing at the Faleu, one can also pay a visit to a monument that stands tall as a symbol of commemoration of the arrival of the first European Methodist missionary to Samoa, Rev. Peter Turner way back in 1835.

The interiors of the island make way to a large number of archaeological sites. One such worth mentioning is the 12-pointed ancient star that mounted right on the flat peak of Mount Tulimanuiva (110m-high), which happens to be the highest mountain peak in Manono. On the southwest part of the island, stands the Lepuiai Village where there’s another famous archaeological site that’s worth visiting–Grave of 99 Stones. Each of the stones represents wives of the great chief Vaovasa. Manano happens to be a religious community and in Sundays you can witness the entire village flocking together to offer their prayers at the local church.

If you want to make your stay in Manano memorable, it’s recommended that you act and live like a local. That includes sleeping in open fales on the beach right down the eastern side of the island. If you need help arranging your bed, you can ask the villagers to help you. They will also accompany you to guide you through the island. Manono has some of the finest beaches of Samoa and the tour groups are generally less populated on the northern side of Apolima. Just three kilometres from Manano down the west end of Upolo, one will find the largest protective reef of the island. Strangely enough, you won’t find dogs out here. Even cars, horses and even bicycles are also prohibited. You will be fascinated to know that Manano had its first electricity lie installed in the year of 1995. That’s just 20 years back.


Get familiar with the Adventures in Samoa

If you are looking for adventure in Samoa, there are plenty of activities to keep you engaged. Check out the following list of activities to keep you busy while at Samoa:

Cycling Savaii is a perfect place for cycling as it stretches along more than 200 km down the coastline. Although compared to Upolu it’s much underdeveloped, it’s a nice place to hover through in a bicycle and mingle in the local colour. If you get tired of travelling, you might as well make a pit stop and go for a dip into fresh water pools or stop by the small local shops for refreshments.

 Kayaking – Samoa has extensive marine lagoons that make it an excellent spot for kayaking. Notable mentioning is off shores of Aleipata, Manono and Nuusafee which depict the finest of reef systems and is uninhabited and remotely placed from the main islands. You can also find small fale resorts that offer excellent relaxation areas for one and all. You will be in great delight to swim along with the turtles and snorkel right over the corals, where you can also catch a nice view of several species of birds, whales and dolphins too.

 Swimming – There is nothing more refreshing than swimming through pristine and clear waters and landing up in fales as the sun shines bright right up in the sky. Also, the waters of Samoa are seemingly the best place to learn the art of snorkelling. If you are willing to pay a little extra, you can also sign up for personalised classes.

Food and drinks– Being an island nation, Samoa is rich in its traditional culture and the centre of all activities lay around its capital city called Apia. A large number of families living in the villages in Samoa still cook their food on Umu which is a traditional pit oven fired by charcoal heated to red. Among the local food, you have Palusami that is one of the fascinating and other delicacies that emerges as a delight.  You can also go around for a tour and pay the visit to the nearby cocoa plantation. You will be amazed at the sight of how they grow the cocoa if you haven’t seen one before. You can also spot the local women who meet once in a week to weave mats together.  You can also try your hand at making mats and Tapa Cloth and learn the art from them. It’s a nice way to mingle with the local mass as well.


Apart from major activities like cycling and snorkelling, you can also book yourself a ticket for the famous waterfall tour that stretches for more than four hours as Samoa is full of gorgeous cascading waterfalls. There is also the Coasters Challenge that promises a day-long exercise of climbing, bush bashing, swimming and scrambling. Other fun activities include Diving,  Surfing, kite surfing sliding rocks  and big game fishing which can be ranged according to your choice in exchange of  a small fee.


Best places to stay in Samoa

Samoa is located between Hawaii and New Zealand and is one of the best places to be chosen as the travel destination. The temperature is manageable though it is located near Southern Hemisphere. One cannot see much temperature difference between summers and winters. The rainy season and dry season can give you a feel of the temperature rise. Samoa is gifted with natural beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, islands and beautiful resorts. There are 10 islands at Samoa. Upolu is the most populated island. If you want to know about the people and culture and people of Samoa, Upolu is the best place to be chosen for stay purpose.

The Tourism industry is slowly growing as Samoa attracts thousands of tourists annually. Both the hotel and tourism industry works towards the development of the city and ensures that the tourists are treated well. It contributes 25% of the total GDP and has plans to grow every year.There are many luxurious and stars hotels at Samoa located at various areas. If you are near Valima, you can choose Le Manumea Hotel. It is slightly expensive, but the services are unbeatable. The Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa and the Amankai Hotel can also be considered as they are well known for their hospitality. The most reputed hotel of Samoa is Aggie Grey’s Hotel. Do not forget to try the hamburgers at Aggie Grey’s Hotel. One can experience nature very closely by renting these hotels. They are a blend of ancient and modern feel.

The other hotels that can be considered are Elisa, Sabrina’s Lodge, Insel Fehmarn Hotel, Samoa Marina, Vaasa Hotel and Tanoa Tusitala Hotel. If you are looking to stay away from the city life, you can opt for Polynesian island. You can explore the terrain region and can live a typical life of a villager. This experience will definitely teach you many things. If you are longing for a wilder experience, try out the Savai’I Island. It is a complete place for wilderness. Siufaga Beach Resort can be chosen for accommodation. The tourists can opt for swimming, water games, snorkelling, fishing and other such activities.

The day trippers can visit Fanuatapu Island. It is a completely secluded island and is meant for people who are longing for the “Me Time.” Samoa is also a place for herbs and medicines. You can find the traditional healers. There are traditional plants that are used in medicine making process. Do talk to the Samoans and find out their secret herbs for mind relaxation.

Hope this article has been useful to you. The tourists don’t have to worry about accommodation in Samoa as the tourism industry is always active to make the tourists comfortable. The hospitality of Samoa is great and the place has a charm of its own. Do not forget to try out different adventurous activities and enjoy the thrill of it. It is a definite place for the first timers’.  Do visit Samoa and share your experience with us


Explore the Beautiful LaloManu Beach in Samoa

Considered to be the heart of Polynesia, Samoa has more than a 3000-year-old history of a certain way of life called Fa’a Samoa, which promises every visitor a lifetime experiences. Samoa packs in several bounties of nature together and offers an atmosphere and environment to one and all visitors. Stunning landscapes accompanied with seascapes, plenty of room for a drive around, Samoa is one perfect destination for nature lovers of all ages.

Deemed as one of the most fascinating and pristine beaches of Samoa, the Lalomano beach unwinds an unknown paradise in front of each and every traveller who visiting the island nation for the very first time. Located on the southeastern part of Upolu which marks the gateway to Samoa, the Lalomano beach promises fun and frolic in equal measures for people of all ages.

Taking a drift from other beach visits, you can enjoy bathing in the sun as you lay on the white sandy terrain and might take some time off in the blue lagoon where you might fall asleep as the gentle breeze whispers deep slumber in your ears and relaxes your skin with its velvet touch.  The Lalomano Beach is a perfect destination for people who love the waters and the animals that stay in it. The lagoons, the protected marine reserve offers a never-ending panorama of tropical fishes. If you feel the rhythm, you might as well jump in the water with a snorkel and flippers.

If you get bored at Lalomano which is quite unlikely, you might want to head off towards the Namua Island that is located at close proximity towards north and blissfully swim past a bevy of green turtles at the backdrop of a mighty ocean. As you shift a little bit more towards the southern part of the Lalomano islands, you can experience a wide balance of flora and fauna that includes some rare species of seabirds who hit the ground during the evening time on the islands of Nu’utele.

The beach of Lalomano also offers a panoramic view of some extinct volcanic craters that now serves as a home and breeding ground of flying foxes. If you feel tired from all this, you can very well grab a Vailima (named after the home and burial ground of the poet Robert Louis Stevenson) which is the Samoan local beer. Lalomano as a beach is the most attractive and addictive destinations of Samoa. Spending a whole night in open aired fales is an experience of a lifetime that you are going to cherish in your heart forever.

The unending beauty of the beauty would come out as an addiction for you and you would not leave the place until a one-night stay here catching the entire beauty and the innocence of the beach. Also, you can enjoy some great moments playing with the deep blue waters of the ocean touching the core of your heart.


8 Reasons to visit Samoa

I still wonder if you need any reasons to visit Samoa as it is one of the most beautiful nature centric places that can mesmerize anyone. Here are the 8 best reasons to visit Samoa:


Yes, some of the popular dance forms have been originated at Samoa. Heard of Slap dance? The male slaps their bodies which are taken from the act of killing mosquitoes. Taualuga is another dance form wherein a group of men dances around a woman, wooing her and admiring her beauty. The most common dance performed by males at Samoa is Sasa.


A lot of beaches are found at Samoa and most of them allow surfing. Most of the professionals and surfing lovers can be seen practising in the beaches. However, the beginners can also attempt surfing. There are trainers and proper safety measures to assist the amateurs’.


If you haven’t stayed in a fale, it is high time you plan one. A fale is a kind of a hut with no walls and are supported by the thatched roofs. It is set on the beach side to give the guests an actual feel of nature.


Samoa has a hot and humid climate. The falls are the best ways to beat the heat. Do take a shower at Afu Afu falls.


The brightly colour churches are an eye grasper. The architect is well planned and constructed such that they are just not a place of religion, but also a tourist attraction. Do visit the churches in Samoa irrespective of your religion. There is a curfew set in the evening around 6.00 pm wherein visitors are prevented from driving as it is the prayer time.


If you are a shopaholic and you love antiques, you cannot miss out street shopping at Samoa. The tourists can easily collect souvenirs for their loved ones. The prices are very reasonable. The shell jewellery is the favourite of Samoa women. Do get it for your lady love.


Love inking your body? Samoa has popular places where professionals carry out tattooing. You would be lucky if you can see a full body tattoo making process. Though, the needles are painful, yet it is worth an experience.


If you are a vegetarian, you might be slightly disappointed with the choices of cuisines. However, you can try out the Umu meals if you take fish at least. The non-vegetarians will have a great time while trying out the delicious and authentic seafood.


Do not forget to visit the Alofaaga Blowholes if you are crazy to see something exciting.

Still waiting for some reasons to visit Samoa? There cannot be any other reason to visit this beautiful place as it has ample things to offer to the nature lovers. Do visit this place and share your experience with us. Do not forget to carry your digital lenses to shoot some of the best locations at Samoa.